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1980 Times Square 1 Review
1979 Rich Kids 1 Review

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Times Square (1980)
ernststavro was written on December 29, 2002

Dancing on stage

This is an appearance which I´m not sure if we see something in. Long ago since I saw the movie, which I, if I remember correctly, liked quite much.
Trini is runaway from her parents and starts working on some club as a dancer. She dances with a skirt on, but as I remember, it looks like she hasn´t anything under the skirt, so we see something black which I hope is the bush.
As I said, long time since I saw this, but may be worth a look. Trini is anyway beautiful.

Anyway 0 points, since I´m not sure.


Rich Kids (1979)
Dudester was written on August 1, 2003

Upshirt and hot tubbin

This is an extremely well written, well acted movie about what kids think of divorce. The two twelve year olds pull a familiar ploy, telling their sets of parents they're staying at one place while they're somewhere else. In this case, the boy has a swinging (divorced) father with a dream apartment-complete with waterbed surrounded by mirrors. As for the nudity, they're wrestling, and she lifts her rear to get position on him and we get a quick peek up her shirt. Later, near the end of the movie, the parents find the kids in the tub. She tries to hide by diving under the water, but when she surfaces, we see her right breast.

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