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1987 Aria 4 Reviews
1971 Carnal Knowledge 1 Review

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Aria (1987)
Bushfan555 was written on August 28, 2003

Awesome bush

This girl is one of the most perfect looking actresses I've ever seen. Medium height, thin but not too thin, medium sized breasts, gorgeous legs, an awesome face, a tight little ass, and one of the finest triangles I've ever seen. Several great views of her entire body, some semi-closeups of her bush.

Chicago was written on December 8, 2001

Weightlifting scene

Valerie is the lighter-haired gal during the weightlifting scene toward the beginning of the movie. At :22.75, Valerie comes in from the side of the camera and freezes in a pose, seen from the of ass, side of breasts. At :23.5, she is cleaning the floors with an open shirt giving a breast flash. At :24.75-:25, she moves to stab the weightlifter...bush and breasts between her shirt; then there's a flash of her full frontal as she almost takes off her shirt. At :26.25-:26.5 there's a full frontal of her as she goes to stab the weightlifter, including a close-up of her hairy muff. The entire scene where her nudity is involved is :22.75-:26.5, but there are numerous cuts to only the weightlifters, Valerie's clothed, etc., which reduce the overall level of excitement...that said, it's still 4*.

Alphonse was written on January 8, 2001

Quite a bit naked

Ms. Allain's segment has an absolutely incredible amount of nudity. She and another girl spend the scene frolicking around a gym in the buff. Breasts, bush, and butt are on full display. An interesting movie with a ton of nudity, most excessively in the bodybuilding segment but also throughout the rest of the movie.

jim was written on January 29, 1999

naked in a gym

The innocent looking French woman that appears in French language videos bears all in this opera laden movie. Allain is completely full frontal while cleaning gym equipment and watching guys work out.

Carnal Knowledge (1971)
bushyboy was written on August 1, 2015

Not in this movie

Why she's listed here is a mystery.

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