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1977 Voodoo Passion 1 Review

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Voodoo Passion (1977)
Serna was written on October 12, 2005

Incredible body. Naked virtually throughout

Vicky Adams (Ines), the housekeeper. She her fully naked in house. Standing there. Then in pathway in trees. It’s all part of some voodoo spell. She is tall and slim. Puts Susan under spell and leads her through forest. They go to a place where lots of people are dancing naked. Ines joins them and dances, completely naked.
Later this happens again. Ines is naked, dancing, gasping in a trance. She dances over Susan, rubs her buttocks on her stomach, rubs their bushes together and their breasts on each other’s breasts.
Later in house when everyone is dancing and writhing naked, Ines is at the centre of the dancing, bending this way and that, totally naked. She has got one hell of a figure. Hands go all over her sweaty skin as she writhes.

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