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2001 Inugami 1 Review

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Inugami (2001)
BigH was written on August 16, 2005

Sex in a cave.. with memories of same.

This is a hard one to work out, about 40 minutes in she goes into a cave with
her new man and remembers doing this as a schoolgirl we
see some short flashes of memories initially I thought
it was her but watching a second time I realise what I thought
were 2 people in the same forest was her memories and it
seems like there might be a different actress for the flash backs.
Flashback shows some nice tits but in very very brief
scenes and whilst she is talking of it you can see a far
shot of flashback riding around on her man. After flashback
you get a brief nipple view as she goes at it with her new
man but its mostly shot with shadow and body blocking anything

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