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1998 Beauty of the Haunted House 2 Reviews

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Beauty of the Haunted House (1998)
BushLeague was written on February 11, 2003

There may be some confusion identifying actresses

The below review is for the character "Anna". According to the IMDB, she may have been played by Issei Miyake. This actress may have played "Vivi" (see Various...). Both performances were outstanding from a nudity perspective!

BushLeague was written on February 7, 2003

Two sex scenes and a sexy dance

Super-duper cute orienntal actress with a china doll face and a body that won't quit. Her first scene is a mild sex scene where she shows her creamy enhanced breasts (34d-but they squish like they are natural). A guy slobbers over her great legs and gigantic leeche chest nuts while she fingers her lacey pantied V. She tricks him by rubbing her breasts with a chili pepper (hot!). She then does a sexy dance in a virtually transparent penoire for a Jap guy and shows her oriental knockers, hairy (for an oriental girl) love "V" dovey, and her great firm ass and legs. She even lifts her legs up a couple of times to give a spread eagle pussy shot (I could not make out any lips). Long dance in good flat light. She is later raped by some WWII japanese soldiers. In good light she shows breasts while she keeps her panties on, then in a dark blue light she has a sex scene where her breasts and a slight flash of upper crotch fur are present. She apparently has not appeared in a flick since 1998, are the soft-core producers of H.K. blind or stupid? This is one hotty!

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